Sunday, June 06, 2010

Jarls Squads at Aith Lifeboat Gala - photos

Here's some photos of members of the four Jarl squads at the Aith Lifeboat Gala today - members of the Lerwick Jarl Squad, the South Mainland Jarl Squad, the Northmavine Jarl Squad and the Delting Jarl Squad.

Steven Grains of the Lerwick Squad helps his son Nathan get ready.

Jarl Brydon Anderson of the Northmavine Berserkers.
Jarl Lawrence Johnson (minus beard) of the Delting Jarl Squad.
Jarl David Smith of the South Mainland Squad.
Lerwick and Northmavine.
Northmavine squad members.
David Smith, Janet Smith, Sam Smith and John Smith of the SMUHA.
Northmavine and Lerwick.
Tommy Sutherland (front) of the Lerwick Squad.
Finlay Simpson (right).
Jarl Rae Simpson of the Lerwick squad.
Squads lining up - Lerwick front followed by South Mainland, Delting and Northmavine.
South Mainland (left) and Lerwick.
Three generations in a squad. 'Mitnie' Simpson left, Finlay Simpson front left and Rae Simpson front right.
Northmavine - Jarl Brydon Anderson.
David Smith and Sam Smith.
'Mitnie' Simpson and Rae Simpson.
Torf Einar and Ellie Einarsdottir.
John Smith (left) and David Smith.
'Mitnie' Simpson (left) and Jim Odie.
David Johnson (left) and David Smith.
Left to Right - Shavonne Smith, Mairi Smith and Shona Sandison of the SMUHA. 
David Smith (left) and Gary Irvine.

and finally - taken by Ross.......(scroll down)


  1. LOL! that last photo is priceles!

  2. It is indeed - one of the best blog posts i have ever done.....


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