Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Hamefarin Squads at T.A. Hall - 26 June

Gathering of squads at the T.A. Hall, Lerwick in the evening of 26 June in preparation for the Hamefarin Galley burning on Loch of Clickimin. These are in the order they were taken. Squad members representing all 10 of the Shetland Up Helly Aa Jarl's Squads, plus the Lerwick Junior Squad were present, along with members of the last 10 years Lerwick Jarl's Squads and a few from earlier Lerwick Jarl's Squads marshalling. Many thanks to the Lerwick UHA Committee & Erik Moncrieff for allowing me access to the gathering.

Erik Moncrieff (left) - 1965 Lerwick Jarl's Squad, and Ivor Cluness (right) - 2004 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.
2006 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.
2010 Scalloway Jarl's Squad.

2010 Northmavine Jarl's Squad.
2010 Northmavine Jarl Brydon Anderson (left).

Leonard Christie - 2010 South Mainland Jarl's Squad.
Drewie Hawick (left) 2006 Lerwick Jarl's Squad, with Leonard Christie.
2009 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.
Ian Thomason fae Uyeasound - 2009 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.
John Fraser - 2005 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.
2010 Uyeasound Jarl's Squad. Geoffrey Priest (left).
2007 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.
2010 Nesting & Girlsta Jarl's Squad.

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