Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 Hamefarin Galley at Victoria Pier for 'Flavour of Shetland'

The excellent 2010 Hamefarin Galley. It finally emerged from the Lerwick Galley shed and was 'parked' on Victoria Pier for the afternoon to allow folk to see & photograph it.



The 2008 Lerwick Guizer Jarl Roy Leask carved the excellent larch galley head. It is reminiscent of the 1985 Hamefarin Galley 'Krossuden' (the head of which is on display in the Lerwick Galley Shed), with the crest similar to the Junior Up Helly Aa Galley. This galley also has backlit eyes.
1985 Hamefarin Galley Head 'Kross Sudin' (Southern Cross).
The stern and nameplate.
The excellent glulam larch tail - created by the 2010 Guizer Jarl Rae Simpson. 

The galley was named Siglaheim following a naming competition. Siglaheim, meaning "sailing home" was the winning entry suggested by 11 year old Tom Ward and was chosen from over 120 entries. Tom will receive one of the galley nameplates and throw the first torch into the galley. The second nameplate will be kept in the Galley shed.
A close-up of the decoration (2010) around the side of the galley.
The galley stern.
The galley bow.
The LUHA Committee also put up this display board showing the galley building process. The original boat was sawed in half and elongated to make a galley. She also had to be made to look like a Viking Galley and made watertight - quite a bit of work. 
Galley Head from inside the 'Flavour of Shetland', plus Raven Banner & Shetland flag.
Raven Banner & Shetland Flag.

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