Monday, August 30, 2010


Had to go to the island of Vaila near Waas today - here's a few pics of the island after the alloted tasks had been completed.

The watch tower. Completely restored both externally and internally.
The south side of the tower - with possibly the best sunset watching seat in Shetland - facing directly at Foula.
Internally the tower has been completely refurbished and decorated. It has two levels and additional stairs leading up to the roof. This is the ground floor. 
The ceiling of the ground floor is also decorated.
The second floor houses this swinging bed - a little like a hammock hanging from a frame.
This skylight is above the bed.
South side of Vaila Hall. The oldest part is to the right.
A Sperm Whale skeleton was removed, cleaned and reassembled for display from an animal that washed up dead on the isle on 7 February 2000. It is kept in a specially constructed room at the Cloudin Farm - the long building on the right. It was nicknamed 'Bony Dick'.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evening Sky

A clear evening - views from Banna Minn Beach, Burra.

Foula - sun going down.

The Kame of Riven Noup, West Burra.

Foula, sun still going down.

Small cloud over Foula.

Moon coming up over Bridge End outdoor centre, East Burra.

Late sunset over Scalloway.

Mousa in moonlight from the Taing of Sandsayre, Sandwick.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Female Eiders at Sandwick Pier.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Waast Side

There's always a swell 'ower da waast side' - although not much of one today as it was flat calm. Here's a few pics of various wast side bits & bobs.

Skeld Marina

The Skeld Marina Sail Loft.

'Leonards Hide' overlooks Skelda Voe & is apparently a good place to see otters from.

The Skeld Public Hall a little further up the road.

Walls Public Hall.

Walls Regatta Clubhouse.

Part of the island of Linga in foreground with mussel lines in front of it with part of the island of Vaila in the distance. The building is the lookout tower at the north end of the island.

Cows & Bull at Wats Ness.

Foula from Wats Ness.

Pebble beach at Norby, Sandness.

Sandy beach just round the headland at Melby.

Pier at the Ness of Melby.

Sandness Hall.

White Water Lily Nymphaea alba. These are only found in a few lochs in the west Mainland of Shetland. They appear to be doing well this year with blooms on the Stanevatstoe Loch, Lunga Water and the small unamed loch (right next to the road), across from the Loch of Flatpunds.