Monday, August 30, 2010


Had to go to the island of Vaila near Waas today - here's a few pics of the island after the alloted tasks had been completed.

The watch tower. Completely restored both externally and internally.
The south side of the tower - with possibly the best sunset watching seat in Shetland - facing directly at Foula.
Internally the tower has been completely refurbished and decorated. It has two levels and additional stairs leading up to the roof. This is the ground floor. 
The ceiling of the ground floor is also decorated.
The second floor houses this swinging bed - a little like a hammock hanging from a frame.
This skylight is above the bed.
South side of Vaila Hall. The oldest part is to the right.
A Sperm Whale skeleton was removed, cleaned and reassembled for display from an animal that washed up dead on the isle on 7 February 2000. It is kept in a specially constructed room at the Cloudin Farm - the long building on the right. It was nicknamed 'Bony Dick'.


  1. Great buildings, all of them, inside and out.

  2. Thanks for that look around. HAve to try to get there some time.



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