Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Hamefarin - Evening Procession and Burning of the Galley

Some pics of the evening event at the 2010 Hamefarin Viking Parade. Light up around Clickimin Broch, Jarl's Squads marching around Loch of Clickimin and the burning of the Hamefarin Galley 'Siglaheim' on the Loch. Used no flash for any of these photos to test various 'low light' modes.

Light up at Clickimin Broch.
Light up on the far bank.
Galley at the Broch.
2010 Lerwick Jarl's Squad leading the procession with 2010 Junior Jarl's Squad behind.

2007 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.

2006 Lerwick Jarl's Squad (left), followed by 2005 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.

2001 Lerwick Jarl's Squad with 1 member of 2008 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.

2000 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.

2008 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.

2007 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.

2006 Lerwick Jarl's Squad.

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