Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 Lerwick Jarl's Squad & Hamefarin Galley at 'Flavour of Shetland'

Quite a few of the 2010 Lerwick Jarl's Squad marched along the Esplanade this afternoon to the 'Flavour of Shetland' event on the Victoria Pier. In addition, they brought with them the 2010 Hamefarin Galley that will be floated on Loch of Clickimin next Saturday and burnt floating on the Loch. This was the first time the galley was on general public display (unless you gatecrashed the galley shed), as it has only just been completed - and its an excellent looking galley.

The Hamefarin Galley on its way to Victoria Pier.

Followed by the Jarl's Squad.
2010 Guizer Jarl Rae Simpson.
With Sam.
Out of the wind, in the beer tent.
Ian Watt.
Ian & Sam.
Ivor Cluness (Guizer Jarl in 2014) & Rae Simpson.
Whit's amusin? - whar are Mitnies hands.
Axe, knife and snake bangle detail.

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