Monday, May 31, 2010

Views of Lerwick, Bressay and Gulberwick

As it was such a 'blue sky' day yesterday I made a slight detour when heading home from the town. These were taken from the top of the Ward of Shurton (just south of Lerwick), where there are TV and phone masts and a nice single track road to drive to the top. I've deliberately kept these images at a high resolution so theyre quite large.

Lerwick, Bressay & the Noup of Noss in the distance, Sandy Loch reservior in foreground.
Sandy Loch, the Observatory buildings centre, Loch of Trebister right & Bressay in background.
Closer view of the Observatory buildings and Ward of Bressay in distance.
Lerwick. Town Hall left side, Sandveien & Nederdale right.
Sandveien & Nederdale centre, Knab with dry stane dyke behind.
Loch of Trebister centre, Bressay Lighthouse and Bard of Bressay rear left.
Transmitter building.
Looking south at Gulberwick (the settlement).
Looking south at Gulber Wick (the bay).
The A970 (sooth road) as it bends round Gulberwick.

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