Friday, May 14, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Its no shield friday - so here are those extra pics that never seem to make it onto the blog & have been sitting around for a while waiting for a shield break (there are more shields coming though).

Voe War Memorial
Sullom Hall
Brae Hall
Mousa Sound Interpretive Board - situated at the viewpoint alongside the north Sandwick turnoff.
Uyeasound Hall, entrance door front left.
Memorial Stone along roadside above Baltasound Pier.
The most northerly UK Masonic Lodge, number 1654 Aurora, Masonic Hall, Hagdale, Baltasound, Unst - just north of the Baltasound Garage.
The decorated Baltasound Bus Shelter or 'Bobby's Bus Shelter'. It used to have its own website but the link is no longer active.
Balta Sound Interpretive Board (note the space as its the 'sound o Balta', Baltasound is the village).
Baltasound Hall
Unst welcome sign and boat-shaped Glockenspiel (or metallophone). This is at the Unst Ferry terminal - Belmont. The boat has varying lenghts of metal tubing & the mallets to play it are also at the boat.

sorry i couldn't resist it - here's a new shield.........

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