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Scalloway Fire Festival Shields (& some axes)

Scalloway Galley Shed @ Scalloway.

The galley shed is used for making the annual fire festival galley (a new one is made each year as it is burnt on the sea at the Scalloway Boating Club), and there is little in the shed other than galley making equipment. A collection of the Jarl squad shields is on display however, across the road in the Kiln Bar.

The shield and axe from the 1979 Jarl squad.

Few of the shields are dated however so if anyone knows the years these were used, please let me know.

There are also a few axes attached to the roof beams - again there are no dates on any of these.

This year (2010) was the 30th Scalloway Fire festival in its current form after a break of a number of years. Michael Pottinger was the Guiser Jarl representing Sigurd Eysteisson (The Powerful).

Sigurd was given the islands of Orkney and Shetland by his brother Rognvald and later given the title Earl by King Harold. Earl Sigurd became a great ruler and joined forces with Thorstein The Red and Aud The Deep-Minded and together they conquered the whole of Caithness and a large part of Argyll, Moray and Rosshire. Earl Sigurd had a strong hold built in the south of Moray. He and Maelbrigte, Earl of the Scots had a meeting to settle their differences and it wasn't long before a fierce battle broke out. 

Maelbrigte and his men were dead soon after and Sigurd had their heads strapped to the victors' saddles to make a show of his triumph. As Sigurd went to spur his horse he struck a tooth sticking out of Maelbrigte\s mouth. The wound began to swell and ache, and it was this that led to the death of Earl Sigurd The Powerful. Earl Sigurd will be looked back upon as one of the most powerful Earls of Orkney. He now lies buried in a mound on the bank of the river Oykel, Moray Firth.

The Jarl's Squad Programme was as follows:
9.00am Jarl's Squad visits N.A.F.C. (Viking Breakfast)
9.45am Galley Procession from Port Arthur to 'Da Waterfront'
10.15am Galley Display & Photographs at 'Da Waterfront'
10.35am Jarl's Squad visits Scalloway Playgroup
10.45am Jarl's Squad visits Walter & Joan Gray Eventide Home
11.15am Jarl's Squad visits Scalloway Junior High School
12.00noon Jarl's Squad visits Tingwall School
12.45pm Viking Feast and visit to Scalloway Royal British Legion
2.00pm Jarl's Squad visits Hamnavoe Primary School
2.45pm Entertain Senior Citizens at Scalloway Boating Club
5.00pm Viking Banquet at N.A.F.C.
6.45pm Jarl's Squad marches up the Ranks to Lovers Loan
7.00pm Light up torches and lead procession to the Burning Site at Port Arthur

The procession route began with a Muster in Lovers loan, proceeding down New Street to Burn Beach, along main Street to West Shore and out to Port Arthur to the burning site at the Scalloway Boating Club. The Jarl's Squad visits to halls were: 1. Bridge End Hall, 2. Trondra Hall, 3. Tingwall Hall, 4. Scalloway Legion, 5. Scalloway Hall, 6. Scalloway Boating Club.

The 12 squads were:
1. Sigurd Eysteisson - The Powerful, 2. Scalloway's No Talent, 3. Year of the Mussel, 4. Poker till Dawn, 5. It's Not Ok, At The Ok Corral (it's worse), 6. The Gaza Strip, 7. Brian's Magical Mystery Tour, 8. The Heat is On, 9. Pottsie's Perfunctious Puppets, 10. Willie Won't Go, 11. F-Word, 12. Big Decisions J(arl) Factor 2011.

The Jarl Squad Members were: 
Michael Pottinger (Jarl)
Bobby Pottinger
Charlie Pottinger
Geordie Pottinger
Kenny Pottinger
Craig Pottinger
Kayla-Marik Pottinger
Andrew Thompson
Daniel Thompson
Sam Thompson
Sandy Macrae
Ronnie Leask
Tabby Callaghan
Illan Callaghan
Alistair Fullerton
Darren Fullerton
Jake Mouat
David Inkster
Marissa Henry
Marley Inkster
Alan Inkster
Robbie Nicolson
Sidney Nicolson
Lindsey Williamson
Fraser Nicolson
Joe Nicolson
Gary Garson
Adrian Stranger
Howard Foster
Victor Gray
Glenn Reuckert
Andrew Reuckert

The Jarls' Squada Musicians were Trevor Jamieson, Clive Jamieson, Vicky Gray and James Leask.

Scalloway Jarls                     Viking Names                           Galley Names
1979 Charlie Johnson              Bjorn Kyling                               Fifa
1980 William Mouat                Gongu Hrolf                                Alfur
1981 Arthur Gronneberg          Kali Koilson                                Gudrun
1982 Brian Smith                    Malise Sperra                              Gerhilda
1984 Robert Sinclair               Magnus Erlandson                         Fridarey
1985 Bruce Anderson              Tora Hünd                                   Sjø Ulka
1986 Robbie Johnson             Torf-Einar                                   Virna
1987 Abbey Leask                  Eric Blodaxe                               Heimdal
1988 Brian Watt                    Sigurd Orm                                  Tjusare
1989 Alex Fullerton                Herdis Thorsvalds Datter              Van Orm
1990 Lowrie Johnson             Erland the Younger                      Mosey
1991 Jan Erikson                    Sigurd Magnusson Jorsalfar            Njord
1992 Jimmy Smith                 Snorri Sturluson                           Oa Gjnskinn
1993 Alan Shewan                  Thorfin Sigurdson                         Norhyme
1994 Alan Garrick                   Harold Harfagre                           Viggie
1995 Ronnie Leask                  Rognavald Eysteinson                   Ragnhild
1996 Mark Fullerton                Olaf Tryggvason                           Geira
1997 Robert Goudie               Floki of the Ravens                       Dalavagr
1998 Leslie Tait                     Torolv Kveldulvsson                      Torgur
1999 Gibbie Inkster                Svein Asleifarson                          Grágaes
2000 Allan Umphray                Harald (The Shaggy) Halfdanarson  Kimeh
2001 Jim Pearson                   Ingunar Freyr                               Skidbladnir
2002 Alistair Fullerton             Brusi Sigurdsson                           ørf]ara
2003 Mark Duncan                  Egil Skallagrimsson                        Varangian
2004 Harry Irvine                   Harald Hardradi (Sigurdsson)          Tingnava
2005 Kenny Nicolson               Eystein Haraidson                         Draga Stor
2006 Michael Johnson             Thorfinn Einarsson (Hausakliùf)      Ullevi
2007 Gary Shewan                  Hakon Paulsson                            Vikernes
2008 Leslie Henderson            Rollo (Ganger Rolf)                       Giske
2010 Michael Pottinger           Sigurd Eysteisson (The Powerful)   Hamelea

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