Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lerwick UHA - Guizer Jarl Underwear

An unusual blog post!

I'm not sure if the tradition of auctioning off the Lerwick UHA Guizer Jarls underwear still continues but it certainly went on through the 1990's. These are on display above the public bar of the Douglas Arms, or as it is more commonly known The Marlex. Each one also has a signed certificate of authenticity, and most of them also have the Jarl Squad tie of the same year.

1991 - Andrew Johnston - 'Thorstein Olafsson'

1992 - Laurence Moncrieff - 'Magnus Erlendsson'

1993 - Ronnie Gair - 'Rognvald Brusason'

1995 - Peter Leask - 'Jon Petersson of Sogn'

1996 - Jim Coutts - 'BrĂºsi Sigurdsson'

1997 - Willie Smith - 'Sigurd Magnusson'

1998 - Colin Summers - 'Thorbjorn of Wast Burrafirt'

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