Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mavis Grind

Mavis Grind - the 'gateway of the narrow isthmus' - is the name given to the narrow neck of land where the island is reduced to a strip around 100m (328 feet) wide to the west of Brae. The word grind means crossing place in Shetland’s old language of Norn.

Northmavine, incorporating St. Magnus Bay and the Atlantic in the west are separated from Ell Wick, Sullom Voe and the North Sea in the east. It is thought that the Vikings dragged their boats across Mavis Grind to avoid sailing waters to the north of Shetland and fishermen did the same until the 1950s to move quickly between fishing grounds.

The area of Mavis Grind is thought to have once been a magma chamber, feeding volcanoes such as the one at Eshaness. In addition the remains of a late Bronze-age Settlement have been found close by.


The site now has 2 new interpretive boards and an excellent geological display of the rocks around Northmavine.

The concrete dragons teeth were constructed to prevent a German landing.

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