Thursday, April 01, 2010

2010 Lerwick UHA Shop Window Displays

Each year prior to the Lerwick Up Helly Aa there is a competition around the Toon open to all retailers to design and put in place the best shop window display themed around Up Helly Aa. The competition is judged by the Honorary Secretary of the Up Helly Aa Committee and its very competitive.

I went round taking some [average at best] photos of some of these windows (I didnt get them all) and had forgotten about them until someone mentioned who they thought the winner was this year. 'Ghostrider' @ Shetlink confirmed it (many thanks), so here are some of the LUHA shop window displays, including (fortunately), the winner....

Baker Tilly #1

Baker Tilly #2

Crystal Clear

Harrys #1 (Street side)

Harrys # 2 - (Esplanade Side)

Harrys # 3 - (Esplanade Side)

Laings #1

Laings #2

Laings #3

Shetland Soap Co.

Leasks Travel #1

Leasks Travel #2

Leasks Travel #3


Shetland Times

Smiths #1

Smiths #2

Smiths #3


Whites #1

Whites #2

Whites #3

and the winner was....
The Shetland Art Company - well done to them.

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