Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bressay Lighthouse

Bressay Lighthouse, situated on the Island of Bressay off the East Mainland of Shetland stands 16 metres high and marks the south entrance to Lerwick Harbour. The Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouses wrote to the Board of Trade on 10 November 1854 requesting sanction to build a Lighthouse on Kirkabisterness (Bressa Sound) - a site at the South entrance to Lerwick Harbour. The Board of Trade conveyed sanction in a letter to the Commissioners dated 14 November 1854.

Following lengthy correspondence with the Board of Trade and the Elder Brethren of Trinity House, regarding the cost of building the lighthouse and obtaining approval to plans and specifications, work was eventually commenced on the stonework etc in February 1856. The design was by David and Thomas Stevenson and the light was first lit on the night of 31 August 1858.

Bressay was electrified on 17 July 1967 and the fog siren was discontinued in 1987. The light automated in 1989 and is now remotely monitored from the Board’s headquarters in Edinburgh.

The lighthouse seen from the Ward of Bressay. 

A Lithuanian factory trawler the 'Lunokhods' was wrecked at the light during a storm in 1993 when the vessel came ashore in the small geo immediately left of the lighthouse. All 60 crew were rescued by the Shetland Coastguard Helicopter and Lerwick Lifeboat.

This interpretive board is just inside the gates to the left.

In November 1995, the outbuildings and the keepers' cottages were purchased by the Shetland Amenity Trust. As with the other large Shetland lighthouses (Sumburgh & Eshaness), you can also stay in the adjacent accomodation blocks. Follow this link for details.

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