Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Rova Head - Devonian Conglomerate

Rova Head at the north end of Lerwick has the distinction of being the site of the Lerwick main sewer discharge location (its treated before discharge) and was also the main council landfill site, although its now closed. Its also the location of a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Easter Rova Head, designated for its Conglomerate containing rounded clasts of granite and Dalradian metasediments formed during the Devonian period.

The SSSI encompases an are of around 3.5 Hectares and was designated on the 25/05/1987. The site boundary is shown in red on the Scottish Natural Heritage Map below. The road through the landfill to the point at Rova Head is owned by the Council and is usually shut but you can get to it by walking along the shoreline on the Bressay Sound side. 

Looking north east towards the Rova Head lighthouse. A good description of the conglomerate is that it looks like poured concrete with large rounded stones mixed in with it.
Along the road to Rova Head, just before the Lerwick incinerator, there are examples of the conglomerate exposed on the banks bordering the left side of the road. These two pictures were taken of the conglomerate along the roadside.

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