Monday, April 12, 2010

Compass Head & Sumburgh

Had to go to the airport so here's a few more images from the sooth end.
Sumburgh Head RSPB Interpretive board.

More Sumburgh Light.

Prospecting Guillemots - none of them actually breeding yet.

Stone 'Darth Vader' along the road to the lighthouse.

Compass Head - seen from Sumburgh Head.

Sumburgh Head - seen from Compass Head - looking along 'The Slithers'.

Compass Head Communications Station.

Siggar Ness & Fitful Head, Scatness in Foreground.

Fitful Head, Sumburgh Airport in forground, West Voe of Sumburgh left, Grutness Voe right.

Sumburgh Airport and Grutness Voe.

Sumburgh Airport and West Voe of Sumburgh.

Ruined building on Compass Head, looking towards the Scult of Laward.

The Scult of Laward.

Sumburgh Farm.

Sumburgh Hotel.

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