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Bressay Up Helly Aa Jarl Squads - Part 1

Following a visit to the Bressay UHA Galley Shed, Stephen Anderson very kindly allowed me to copy a collection of photographs of most of the Jarl Squads dating back to 1962. Although these are photos of photos - most are not too bad. Where known the names of the squad members are included. This is part 1 of 2 as there are a lot of photos.

1962 - Jarl J. Lennie Matches (far left)
Squad (back row) - Roger Donald, Harold Manson, Laurence Gifford, James Smith, Graham Henderson, George Tulloch, William J. Kirkpatrick. (front row) - George Williamson, Donald Manson, Herbert Tulloch, Ronald Birnie.

1963 - Jarl Herbert Tulloch (front centre)
Squad (back row) - George Williamson, Roger Donald, Allan Matches, Willie J. Kirkpatrick. (front row) - Ronald Birnie, Laurence Gifford, Herbert Tulloch, George Tulloch, Donald Manson.

1964 - Jarl George Williamson (front centre)
Squad - Andrew Tulloch, John Manson, Jimmie Henry, George Williamson, James Smith, Harry Hunter, Willie J. Kirkpatrick.

1965 - Jarl Roger Donald (front centre)
Squad - Roy Mustard, Willie J. Kirkpatrick, Roger Donald, Herbert Tulloch, Bert Mustard, Jum Hardie, Graham Henderson. (bairns front) - Bobby Mustard, Neil Donald.

1966 - Jarl Graham Henderson (far left on Galley)
Squad (rear) - Graham Henderson, Roger Donald, David A. White, Neil Donald. (front) - Lol Anderson, Laurence Gifford, Andrew Tulloch, Tom Henry. (bairn) ? Manson.

1967 - Jarl Tammie Manson (far right)
Squad - George Williamson, Roger Donald, John Manson, Bertie Birnie, Lol Anderson, Tammie Manson.

1968 - Jarl Lol Anderson (far left)
Squad - Lol Anderson, Jim McKay, James Smith, Harry Tulloch, Graham Henderson, Maurice Anderson.

1969 - Jarl Jim McKay (front far left)
Squad (back, on Galley) - Donnie Cluness, George Williamson, (bairns) - Raymond Tulloch, Nigel Williamson. (front) - Jim McKay, John Manson, Maurice Anderson.

1970 - Jarl Harry Tulloch (far left)
Squad - Harry Tulloch, Frank Bremner, Clair Sutherland, Magnie Ratter, David Manson, Maurice Anderson.

1971 - Jarl Charles Christie-Henry (far left)
Squad - Charles Christie-Henry, Maurice Anderson, Alastair Christie-Henry, David Manson, John Scott, Tammie Manson.

1972 - Jarl Jim Hardie (front right)
Squad (rear, on Galley) - Graham Henderson, Ray Tulloch, Laurence Deyell. (front) - James Smith, Alwyn Tait, John Yates, Jim Hardie.
(bairns, back) - Tavish Scott, Ewan Anderson, Stewart Hunter, Nigel Williamson, Grant Hunter, Neil Donald, Keith Anderson, Raymond Tulloch. (bairns front) - Paul Jacobsen, Elizabeth Scollay, Brenda Hunter, Yvonne Black, Margaret Tulloch, Catherine Martin, Hazel Anderson, Janet Cumming, Helen Martin.

1973 - Jarl Maurice Anderson (rear, on Galley, right)
Squad (rear, on Galley) - David Manson, Harry Tulloch, Maurice Anderson. (front) - Kenneth Manson, Jim McKay, Graham Henderson, George Peattie.

1974 - Jarl David Manson (centre)
Squad - Frank Deyell, Richard Birnie, George Birnie, David Manson, Charles Christie-Henry, Maurice Anderson, John Scott.

1975 - Jarl Geordie Peattie (rear, on galley, far left)
Squad (rear, on galley) - Geordie Peattie, Rune Tulloch, Adam Gifford. (front) - Ray Phillips, Jan Riise, Jim McKay, James Smith.

1976 - Jarl Ray Tulloch (rear, on galley, far left)
Squad (rear, on Galley) - Ray Tulloch, Raymond Tulloch, Neil Donald, Rune Tulloch. (front) - Lindsay Tulloch, Roger Donald, George Peattie, Jim McKay, Adam Gifford, George Williamson.

1977 - Jarl Richard Birnie (centre, not on Galley, double-sided axe)
Squad (rear) - Tommy Hughson, Billy Clark, Richard Birnie, David Manson. (front) - George Priest, Geordie Peattie, Carlos Riise, Ray Phillips.

1978 - Jarl Adam Gifford (far right)
Squad (rear, on Galley) - Jim McKay, Maurice Anderson, Peter Gifford, Alastair Scollay. (front) Ian Gifford, Dodie Peattie, George Peattie, Harry Tulloch, Adam Gifford.

1979 - Jarl George Birnie (front, far right)
Squad (rear, on Galley) - George Priest, Andrew Tulloch, Rune Tulloch, George Williamson. (front) - Billy Clark, David Manson, John Clark, Nigel Williamson, George Birnie.

1980 - Jarl Bob Smith (rear, far right)
Squad (rear) - John Scott, Angus Tulloch, James Smith, Adam Gifford, Bruce Smith, Billy Coutts, Andrew Smith, ? ?, Bob Smith. (front) - Theo Smith, Nigel Williamson, Ian Smith, George Williamson, Tavish Scott, Peter Gifford, ? ?, Ian Gifford.

1981 - Jarl Tommy Hughson (lower, far right)
Squad (rear, on Galley) - Richard Birnie, Douglas Garden, Bruce Smith, James Smith. (front) - David Gardner, George Priest, Rory Duncan, Billy Hay, Tommy Hughson.

1982 - Jarl Billy Clark (rear, far left)
Squad (rear) - Billy Clark, Jim Smith, Edrick Manson, Peter Manson, Ray Phillips, Angus Tulloch, Fred Tulloch, Ray Tulloch, Kenneth Manson, Raymond Tulloch, Richard Birnie. (front) - John Clark, Neil Clark, Gus Tulloch, ? ?, Magnus Manson, Harold Manson, Graham Henderson, George Birnie, George Williamson, Andrew Tulloch.

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