Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bressay Up Helly Aa Jarl Squads - Part 2

Here are the rest of the Bressay Up Helly Aa Jarl Squad Photos.

1983 - Jarl Rune Tulloch (far right)
Squad (rear) - Raymond Tulloch, Neil Donald, Maurice Anderson, Graham Henderson, Magnus Shearer, Ray Tulloch, Bjarne Wain, Rune Tulloch. (front) - Lindsay Tulloch, Laurence Manson, Herbert Tulloch, Stewart Hunter, Nigel Williamson, George Birnie.

1984 - Jarl Neil Donald (back, on Galley, far left)
Squad (rear, on Galley) - Neil Donald, Edwin Gifford, Robert Henderson, Ryan Mustard. (front) - Graham Henderson, Laurence Gifford, Roy Tait, Laurence Manson, George Mustard, John Henderson, Roger Donald, Hamish Henderson, David Gardner, Ronald Henderson, Bert Henderson, Bobby Mustard, Douglas Scollay, Jimmie Burgess, Billy Clark.

1985 - Jarl Raymond Tulloch (front, far left)
Squad (rear) - Frank Miller, John Henderson, Theo Smith, Jim Shepherd, John Clark, Rune Tulloch, Brian Deyell. (middle, in Galley) - Grant Hunter, Lindsay Tulloch, Jed Westmoreland, ? ?, Stephen Tulloch, ? ?, Nigel Williamson. (front) - Raymond Tulloch, Keith Anderson, ? ?, John Leask, George Williamson, Irvin Black, Bertie Sutherland, Leonard Christie, Charlie Johnson, Stewart Hunter, George Priest.

1986 - Jarl Keith Anderson (front, white shield)
Squad (rear) - Harry Tulloch, Bruce Smith, Nigel Williamson, John Clark, Richard Birnie, Stewart Hunter, Raymond Tulloch. (front) - John Henderson, John Leask, Theo Smith, Keith Anderson, Grant Hunter.

1987 - Jarl Bert Henderson (front, centre)
Squad (rear) - George Birnie, Douglas Scollay, Colin Nicolson, Adam Gifford, Bob Smith. (middle) - Brian Deyell, Bobby Mustard, Billy Christie, Hamish Henderson, Neil Donald, George Mustard. (front) - ? ?, John Henderson, Bert Henderson, Brian Grey, ? ?, Ryan Mustard.

1988 - Jarl John Henderson (far right)
Squad - Colin Nicolson, Kenny Groat, ? ?, ? ?, Bert Henderson, Billy Christie, ? ?, ? ?, John Henderson. (front) - ? ?, Stephen Nicolson, Brian Grey.

1989 - Jarl - Nigel Williamson (front, far right)
Squad (rear) - Ewan Anderson, Bob Smith, John Clark, Peter Gifford, Ian Gifford, Adam Gifford, Brian Deyell, William John Tulloch, Richard Birnie, ? ?, Stewart Hunter, Raymond Tulloch. (front) - Keith Anderson, ? ?, Grant Hunter, George Williamson, ? ?, ? ?, Nigel Williamson.

1991 - Jarl Alastair Scollay (front, third from left)
Squad (back) - Adam Gifford, Albert Scollay, Maurice Scollay, Hamish Henderson, Roy Whitehead. (middle) - Alastair Johnson, Harry Tulloch, Tommy Hughson, Leonard Scollay, George Miller, Tammie Manson. (front) - Shona Thomson, Robert Henderson, Alastair Scollay, Jolene Scollay, Alan Scollay, John Scollay, Gary Thomson, Henry Manson, Leslie Thomson.

1993 - Jarl Billie Christie (centre, black tunic)
Squad (rear) - Adam Gifford, Jim Shepherd, Bob Smith. (middle) - Catriona Christie, Billy Christie, Clair Sutherland, Richard Birnie, Basil Leask. (front) - Joe Christie, Tommie Hughson, Frank Miller, Larry Fraser, ? ?, George Birnie.

1994 - Jarl Kenny Groat (front, far right)
Squad - Unknown.

1995 - Ex Jarls

1996 - Jarl Alan Scollay (front, far left)
Squad (rear) - Drew Thomson, John Scollay, James Tulloch, John Bremner, Robert Henderson, Ragner Riise. (middle) - Alan Scollay, Ryan Mustard, Brian Anderson, Alastair Ritchie, Torbjorn Riise, Albert Scollay, Douglas Scollay, Maurice Scollay, Alastair Scollay, George Miller. (front) - Lindsay Tulloch, Kevin Hughson, Nigel Williamson, Gus Tulloch, Gary Thomson, Leslie Thomson, Angus Thompson.

1997 - Jarl Kenneth Manson (middle, third from left)
Squad (rear) - Nigel Williamson, Neil Ryder, Theo Smith, ? Smith, Kevin Rognvaldsen. (middle) - Peter Manson, Brian Smith, Kenneth Manson, John Boxwell, Gregor Manson, Richard Birnie, George Birnie. (front) - James Tulloch, David Wood, Kyle Rognvaldsen, Robert Henderson, Basil Leask, Craig Wood.

1998 - Jarl John Scollay (front, centre)
Squad unknown.

1999 - Jarl Edwin Gifford (front centre)
Squad (rear) - ? ?, Laurence Gifford, ? ?, Stephen Anderson, Dodo Elphinstone, Harry Tulloch, Lol Anderson, Brian Anderson, Drew Thompson. (front) - ? ?, Michael Sinclair, ? ?, ? ?, ? ?, ? ?, Edwin Gifford, Lyle Tulloch, Ralph Tulloch, John Scollay.

2000 - Jarl Brian Anderson (front, far right)
Squad (rear) - Stephen Anderson, Dodo Elphinstone, Lol Anderson, Robert Harkness, Scott Anderson, Maurice Anderson, Ivar Black. (front) - Edwin Gifford, Robert Henderson, John Scollay, Brian Anderson.

2001 - Jarl Robert Harkness (far right)
Squad - Andy Duffus, Robert Johnson, Christopher Williamson, Ivar Black, Andrea Williamson, James Tulloch, Nadine Duffus, Neil Smith, ? ?, ? ?, ? ?, John Bremner, Robert Harkness.

2002 - Jarl Bryan Law (middle, third from left)
Squad (rear) - David Wood, Basil Leask, Bryan Law, Jim Shepherd, Frank Miller, Billy Christie, George Priest, Clive Cunningham, Tommy Hughson, Stewart Paton. (front) - Stewart Cunningham, Stephen Anderson, James Anderson, Adam Bigland.

2003 - Jarl Clark Paton (rear, on Galley)
Squad unknown.

2004 - Jarl Stephen Anderson (front, centre)
Squad unkown.

2005 - Jarl Ivar Black (front, centre)
Squad unkown.

2006 - Jarl Graham Forrest (centre, third from right)
Squad unknown.

2007 - Jarl Tam Rowley (front right)
Squad - Billy Clark, John Clark, Magnus Clark, Stewart Hunter, Liam Hunter, Arron Hunter, Seline Hnuter, Jed Westmoreland, Matthew Westmoreland, Theo Smith, Kevin Rognaldsen, Kyle Rognaldsen, Adam Gifford, Ian Gifford, Graham Forrest, Clark Paton, John Scott, Tavish Scott, Alistair Scott, Cameron Scott, David Leith, Ryan Jamieson, Trevor Scott, Allan Ho, Winston Ho, Kingsley Ho, James Tulloch, Frank Miller, Dieter Glaser, Kieran Glaser, Andy Duffus, Steve Laidlaw, James Johnston, Davie Gardner, Michael Gardner, Ritchie Gardner, Ian Johnson.


  1. Bressay has a site on Facebook. It would of interest to the world to have a link to your site. This is very good. Well done.
    Jim grunberg

  2. Thanks Jim - i'm in the process of scanning all the original photographs of those for the 2012 50th celebration Bressay UHA. Stephen Anderson has asked for them to be scanned, printed & displayed in the Galley shed - happy to help.


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