Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another dead Fox found..

Another dead fox has been found by the road in Shetland, this time at Gulberwick. It appeared fairly freshly dead and was apparently shot. It also had a few sequins on its fur - presumably from the bag that was used to transport it here.

There have been a few records of dead foxes being found by the roadside in Shetland - including a white Arctic Fox.

The origins of this one - like all the others 'found dead by the road'- are unkown - for now.
See also this discussion thread on the fox in Shetlnk.

Picture from SIC Environmental Health Dept.

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  1. Saw you post on Shetlink about it yesterday. Very odd, why on earthe would some one bring a fox here and dump it or shoot it?

    Some very sad and bad people out there...


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