Monday, March 08, 2010

Quick stop at Voe

An hour or so at Voe - in Old Norse meaning Vagr (Bay), lies at the head of the long inlet Olna Firth. This was an important trade centre for centuries especially during the Faroe cod fisheries. The Voe pier was rebuilt recently and a marina added.

Looking out of Voe, west towards Olna Firth.

Looking towards north Voe, old Kirk near shoreline.

Looking north-west towards lower Voe and the harbour.
Harbour breakwater and floating hut that was featured in the 'Mirrie Dancers'.

This cod monument with the T.M. Aidie sign below was installed as part of the pier rebuild.

New road sign installed.

Old Sail Loft building rennovated which is now a camping Bod.

The Pierhead Restaurant & Bar.

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