Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hillswick and Eshaness

Had to go to Hillswick & Eshaness this afternoon - found the following.....

The St. Magnus Bay Hotel is still undergoing refurbishment. It first opened in 1900.

Looking south-west along the beach at Hillswick.

Looking in the opposite direction towards the recently restored Cutch Kettles.

A disused water pump just before the Cutch Kettles.

Cutch Kettles interpretive board.

One of the ovens under the Cutch Kettles.

The restored Cutch Kettles.

The old entrance to the Booth - no longer a pub but ocassionally a Cafe.

The Hillswick Kirk, built in 1773.

The Drongs are the outermost and most spectacular of a series of stacks rising from the sea in St Magnus Bay, about 1 mile west of the Ness of Hillswick. They vary in height from 15m to 60m and at one time would have been part of the cliff itself but over millenia the softer rock has eroded under the constant attack from the sea, leaving these four magnificent granite pillars.

Looking south-east towards Hillswick from the north side of Sand Wick.

Dore Holm at Eshaness.

Interpretive board at Stenness, Eshaness.

Volcanic formation of Stenness display, near interpretive board.

The Haaf Station at Stenness, built in the 1880's.

Stenness beach and peninsula.

Looking north along the cliffs from Eshaness Lighthouse, the stacks of Muckle and Little Ossa in the distance.

Eshaness Lighthouse.

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