Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lerwick & Bressay Sound

There is a track all the way to the base of the transmitters on the Ward of Bressay. Its very steep in places and is only a 'road' for the last steep part near the top, but you can drive all the way to the top and the views over Lerwick are excellent.

The Knab and graveyard centre, Lerwick Power Station far right.
Most of Lerwick - Sandveien, Nederdale, Sound & Upper Sound left. Burrdale wind farm on horizon, left of centre.
North-west Bressay. Pale green nissen hut to the right of centre is the Bressay Galley Shed. In the middle of the group of houses just left of centre, is the beggining of the track which leads to the top of the hill.

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  1. I was lucky, I walked up there last year and was able to witness the masts being changed by a helicopter. Tis on Shetlink under Digital Change over or similar.


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