Sunday, July 04, 2010

Delting Galley Shed

The rest of the pics from a visit to the Delting UHA Galley Shed at Brae, courtesey of Lawrence Johnson.

Previous years Bill Head pictures are attached to the ceiling, with shields on the walls at each end.
Some of the Bill Heads. I could not photograph them all as some were partially obscured. They would need to be removed, cleaned and photographed in natural light to do them justice, but they date back to the beggining of the senior Delting festival which started in 1981 and most are still in excellent condition. Interesting to see the 'Brae' Up Helly Aa changed to the 'Delting' Up Helly Aa from 2001-2002.

Also in the galley shed is the 'thing'. It is expertly constructed from a piece of driftwood, it has glued on eyes (marbles), as are the teeth, leather ears and a covering where it is attached to copper pipework. It is actually playable as a 'horn' instrument and is used by the Jarls' squad to good effect - as is the 'vuvuzela hanging off it. Hear both instruments being played in the video below.
The 'back room' has all the usual stuff found in a galley shed - along with previous years galley nameplates and the galley head which is used each year on a new galley. This excellently carved head is replaced with another for the galley burning.

2010 Hamefarin Squads leaving the T.A. Hall, marching to Loch of Clickimin. The 'thing' being played and Vuvuzela fairly obvious.

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