Friday, July 16, 2010

Rescued Trimaran brought to Lerwick Harbour by Lifeboat

This damaged Norwegian trimaran 'Epoksy' - minus its mast was brought into Lerwick Harbour a short while ago after being rescued by the Lerwick Lifeboat. The trimaran ran into trouble after its mast was damaged and it lost power at 7.53pm on Thursday 15 July (yesterday). The Lerwick Lifeboat made contact with the vessel around 70 miles off the southeast of Shetland after 8am this morning and towed the boat back to Lerwick Harbour. As it was almost below our window here are some pics of the event.

Lerwick lifeboat bringing the trimaran alongside at Lerwick Harbour.

Shetland Coastguard talking to the crew about the event and rescue. Damage to the bow visible - and no mast left at all.

No obvious significant damage to the stern.

And the inevitable media interviews with the crew.


  1. Just missed that, was there just before it arrived with Shetlandpeat. In fact SP commented that the lifeboat was missing. Glad they're all OK

  2. the first picture has me in it, 5th from left along harbour edge

  3. Wondered if you were there SP. If i remember rightly i was looking over your shoulder when i took the last picture above - i remember standing right next to someone wearing a flat cap!!!

  4. Can't believe those two would leave Norway with such poor safety equipement and so ill prepared. Irresponsible really


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