Sunday, February 28, 2010

Loch of Clickimin and Sound, Lerwick

A trip up to town this afternoon to look for the Egyptian Goose, get fuel & a few other bits & bobs at Tesco's. Went all along the Sound shoreline & around the adjacent fields but no sign of the Goose. Still snowy and a nice day so took a few are some.

Ward of Bressay and Transmitters looking east from Sound.

Bressay Lighthouse and Bard Head, Bressay.

Brei Wick and Lerwick Coastguard Station on the Knab.

Looking north-east from Sound at Lerwick, Town Hall far left.

Looking south-east, Ness of Sound Farm.

Grey Seals on rocks at North Taing, Sound.

A frozen Loch of Clickimin, looking south east, Clickimin Broch far right.

North-west side of Loch, small area unfrozen at inflow.

Clickimin Broch from south side looking north.

Clickimin Broch from west side looking east, frozen loch.

Clickimin Broch looking north at entrance gate.

Back in Sandwick - Greylag Geese trying to feed in snowy field.

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