Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Walk to the Shop in the Snow

Just because its only half a mile to the Sandwick shop doesnt mean theres nothing to see on the way - especially when its the heaviest snowfall of the year (so far) and few vehicles can get anywhere. There is apparently about a foot of snow north of Lerwick although we only had 5-6 inches around Sandwick. Here's todays trip to the Shop just as a heavy snow shower moved through with very dark skies.

Looking east from Swinister towards Stove and the Sandwick shop - this is the main Swinister road.

Snow on grass - looking north-east towards Sandwick.
Starlings on the wires.
The partially frozen Burn of Setter - looking northeast. 
Burn of Setter looking southwest. 
Heading towards Stove.
Land Rover above has this written along it.
Stove Junction.
A couple of cold-looking Shetland ponies at the junction.
Lots of snow started falling at the junction.
Looking through the falling snow towards Hoswick.
A white house - with a white snowy roof and a dark sky.
And another white house with a white roof further along the road.
On the way back - a Coo in the field.
Starlings still on the wires with some blue sky coming.
Looking east towards Sandwick - the dark sky beggining to move south.

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  1. ...Just like a chapter from White Fang :)
    Wonderful account & photos, K :)
    Keep warm!


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