Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Couple of Hours off

Managed to secure a couple of hours freedom late this afternoon. As most of the roads are now clear of snow I headed off north taking pics as I went. Here are some...

Mousa, still with snow.

Looking North East at Helli Ness (Cunningsburgh), Bressay & Noss in distance.

Looking north at the south end of Cunningsburgh.

c.15 foot tall snownman in the Cunningsburgh Hall car park.

Shetland ponies along the Black Gaet road.

Whiteness Voe viewpoint looking south.

Looking west into the sun at Whiteness Voe.

Looking north west at Wormadale Hill from the same viewpoint.

Looking north at the viewpoint.
White house on the east side of Loch of Strom.

The Old Kirk on the west side of Loch of Strom. Ice on the Loch in foreground.
Weisdale Voe looking south from the viewpoint along the Hill of Sound road.
Looking south-east at Kalli Ness with Loch of Hellister.

On to Tresta. Looking east at Tresta from The Nev.
To crop .... or not to crop?
From the same viewpoint, looking west at Mussel lines in The Firth.
Portrait ...... or landscape?
On the way back a Common Seal 'tang fish' in Weisdale Voe. You can tell its a Common Seal as its lounging position is shaped like a banana. Grey Seals tend to lie flat. Click here for more information on seal identification (just realised i wrote that page over 10 years ago!!).

Ice on the south end of Loch of Hellister.
Back to the view point above Whiteness Voe, the sun now starting to go down.

Stopped off at the Viewpoint above Scalloway before the sun went down completely.

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  1. Wow! fantastic set of shots, Kevin :)
    Roads clear now? Great!


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