Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up Helly Aa History has been made

At the SMUHA Mass Meeting, held on Friday night 29th October 2010 in the Sandwick Social Club, Lesley Simpson from Maywick, head of the Dunrossness Primary School was chosen as the Guizer Jarl representing Bigton and Levenwick for the 2015 South Mainland Up Helly Aa. 

The first ever female Guizer Jarl.

She said " I'm delighted to be chosen to represent Bigton and Levenwick for the 2015 SMUHA. It's a fantastic community event that I hope goes from strength to strength."

 Lesley being congratulated by the 2010 Jarl David Smith.

Lesley being congratulated by the 2011 Jarl Brydon Robertson.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Muckle Moon

A couple of quick pictures while heading into Lerwick as the moon was rising although starting to disappear behind the clouds. 
The north boat is heading south, Noup of Noss in distance.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Cleaned up a memory card - here are a few bits that were left on it.

One of several Red-flanked Bluetails in Shetland this autumn - this one was at Kergord, under the trees, in the rain, at 4:30pm so its just a record shot.

House and Rainbow, Sanick.

Starlings late in the day.

Compass Head & Sumburgh Head seen from Sanick Beach, late evening.

Sunrise over Sandwick - discovered while letting the cat in @06:00 - extraordinary colours!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daurian (Isabelline) Shrike @ North Spiggie

Caught up with this bird this afternoon around the fence wires at the north end of Loch of Spiggie. I actually drove right past it as it was feeding on an impaled mouse right alongside the road. Old Taxonomy stuff here.

 It was looking at a snoozing House Sparrow at one stage.

And there were very few folk there looking for it, unlike yesterday - which was nice!

Its finding plenty of mice to feed on - I found 4 of these impaled on various barbed wire fences in the area, and there was also one impaled in the thistles.

Scousburgh & Sumburgh

Pictures from around Scousburgh Hill & Scatness, south Mainland on very grey afternoon.

Looking towards Foula from Scousburgh, Northern Ness (closest), Island of Colsay (middle).

 Looking over Colsay to Foula.

Bay of Scousburgh, Scousburgh Sands & Loch of Spiggie (far left).

Scousburgh Sands & Bay of Scousburgh (right), Loch of Spiggie (left).

Scousburgh Sands & Bay of Scousburgh. Northern Ness (right middle), the Island of Colsay just above & Foula in the distance.

Looking south from Scousburgh at South Scousburgh. Spiggie Hotel right of centre, Loch of Spiggie on right, Fitful Head far right in distance.

Old croft & restored drying kiln, Scatness. looking NW with Fitful Head in distance.

Looking in the opposite direction at Sumburgh Head & Lighthouse.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yell Coast

A few views of various parts of the Yell (& Unst) coastline.

Looking north at the Ness of Sound, Yell (not the one in Lerwick). Fethaland and the Ramna Stacks in the distance.

Ness of Sound, Yell.

Windhouse. Read more about the story of the 'Trow of Windhouse'.

Papil Bay, Beach and the Headland of Papil Ness (Cullivoe, Yell), looking north towards the west cliff of Unst. 

Culli Voe and pier, looking East. Unst on the left, Fetlar in the background.

Gutcher & Ferry Terminal, the west Unst 'ridge' in background.


Mussel Lines in Mid Yell Voe.

Otters Wick, East Yell.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Volvo Clouds

Took these the other day while out & about 'up north'.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

St. Ninian's Isle Sunset

Todays sunset over St. Ninian's Isle & Tombolo.

As it was a nice sunset this coo on the hill above St. Ninian's decided to sit up & watch it.