Monday, October 11, 2010

Yell Coast

A few views of various parts of the Yell (& Unst) coastline.

Looking north at the Ness of Sound, Yell (not the one in Lerwick). Fethaland and the Ramna Stacks in the distance.

Ness of Sound, Yell.

Windhouse. Read more about the story of the 'Trow of Windhouse'.

Papil Bay, Beach and the Headland of Papil Ness (Cullivoe, Yell), looking north towards the west cliff of Unst. 

Culli Voe and pier, looking East. Unst on the left, Fetlar in the background.

Gutcher & Ferry Terminal, the west Unst 'ridge' in background.


Mussel Lines in Mid Yell Voe.

Otters Wick, East Yell.

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