Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scousburgh & Sumburgh

Pictures from around Scousburgh Hill & Scatness, south Mainland on very grey afternoon.

Looking towards Foula from Scousburgh, Northern Ness (closest), Island of Colsay (middle).

 Looking over Colsay to Foula.

Bay of Scousburgh, Scousburgh Sands & Loch of Spiggie (far left).

Scousburgh Sands & Bay of Scousburgh (right), Loch of Spiggie (left).

Scousburgh Sands & Bay of Scousburgh. Northern Ness (right middle), the Island of Colsay just above & Foula in the distance.

Looking south from Scousburgh at South Scousburgh. Spiggie Hotel right of centre, Loch of Spiggie on right, Fitful Head far right in distance.

Old croft & restored drying kiln, Scatness. looking NW with Fitful Head in distance.

Looking in the opposite direction at Sumburgh Head & Lighthouse.

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