Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up Helly Aa History has been made

At the SMUHA Mass Meeting, held on Friday night 29th October 2010 in the Sandwick Social Club, Lesley Simpson from Maywick, head of the Dunrossness Primary School was chosen as the Guizer Jarl representing Bigton and Levenwick for the 2015 South Mainland Up Helly Aa. 

The first ever female Guizer Jarl.

She said " I'm delighted to be chosen to represent Bigton and Levenwick for the 2015 SMUHA. It's a fantastic community event that I hope goes from strength to strength."

 Lesley being congratulated by the 2010 Jarl David Smith.

Lesley being congratulated by the 2011 Jarl Brydon Robertson.

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