Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Delting Up Helly Aa - Day Pics

The 2011 Delting Up Helly Aa Aa took place on Friday 18th March, with guizer Jarl Kevin Laurenson portraying Haakon Haakonsson, also known as King Haakon IV of Norway. 

The Jarl's Squad comprised 39 members including 3 princesses and 5 bairns. In addition, long-time supporter of Up Helly Aa Ross Laurenson (who is blind), formed part of the Jarl's Squad. Ross, in association with Tay-Cad, had also designed a flag commemorating the 2011 Delting Up Helly Aa which was flown at the Brae School during the morning. The Jarl's Squad shields were rectangular with runes down the centre of the letters K, A, H, E and F - the first initial of each member of the Jarl's family. The Jarl's Squad weapon this year was a sword. The Jarls' Squad Musicians were Danny Peterson, Alex Couper, Ryan Couper, Brian Morrison and Maurice Henderson.

The Jarl's Squad mustered at the Northern Lights Function Room in Brae during the early morning for breakfast. The Jarl's Squad were toasted by those present, and after speeches and singing the Up Helly Aa song the Jarl's Squad marched to the Galley shed adjacent to the Brae Hall to pose for photographs with the years Galley named Audannah. Thereafter the Jarl's Squad visited the Lunnasting Primary School, the Olnafirth Primary School, the Brae Primary School and the Mossbank Primary School, followed by Lunch with the Sullom Voe Terminal manager at Mossbank Hall. In the afternoon the Jarl's Squad visited the Ports & Harbours offices at Sellaness, the Brae Police Station and the Northaven Care Centre at Brae.