Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Norwick Up Helly Aa - Evening Pics

A light breeze during the day fell away to almost no wind late in the afternoon with near-perfect conditions for the procession and burning. The muster from around 6pm was up the old Skaw road, the Fluggie, where the galley was also positioned. Refreshments for the 103 guizers were provided at the galley. A firework signalled the light-up at 7:30pm with the galley and torchlit procession moving down the road towards Norwick beach. After a right turn towards Valie the procession turned back on itself and headed to the burning site above the Norwick beach opposite the ‘The Taing’. The Jarl’s Squad formed up alongside the galley while the guizers circled them. After three cheers the guizers threw their torches in and a significant bonfire ensued. The pyre lasted an extremely long time and was enjoyed by all.

At this point we had to leave Unst but the 11 Guizer squads then made their way to the North Unst Public Hall to perform their acts into the evening. The Squads were: 1. Jarl’s Squad (14), 2. Hot & Bunny (10), In a Byre Near You! (8), 4. Ad Mirrie Dancers (10), 5. Ferry Man’s Candy (5), 6. Da Viggie Trows (17), 7. Silver Spree (9), 8. Shop Around (7), 9. Animal Hospital (10), 10. Jeemses’ Ho Down (7), 11. Really Gets my Goat (6).

In summary the Norwick Up Helly Aa 2011 was an excellent event & was enjoyed by all – it certainly ranks among the best of all the Shetland fire festivals – but you’re never too old to be a princess!

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