Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Walls Junior Up Helly Aa

The Walls Junior Up Helly Aa dates back to at least 1990 although it has not been celebrated every year. It is currently administered by the 1st Walls & District Scouts, Cubs and Beavers organisation although the Guides are also involved.

The 2011 festival was held on Saurday 12th March with the Guizer Jarl twelve year old Paul Sansom from Walls portraying Jarl Sigvaard Jurganpuddin. He led a squad of nine.

The galley named Lonabrak (from the Shetland word for breaking water), was at the Walls Public Hall which was also the Guizers muster area. The Bill was on display at the Walls shop.

The light-up was at 6:30pm at the Walls Public Hall with the Jarls Squad pulling the Galley south along the main road through Walls to the burning site along the shoreline near the Graveyard.

Following the burning the Jarls Squad along with other Guizer Squads perfomed acts and dances back at the Walls Public Hall.

The squads were: 1. Westside Rhythm, 2. Shrek Forever After, 3. 60 Second Make-over, 4. Cubs, 5. Waka Waka, 6. West Side Wonderland, 7. Vicious Vikings, 8. Random Rhapsody, 9. Wild West HeRoads.

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