Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Bressay Up Helly Aa

The 2011 Bressay Up Helly Aa took place on Friday 25th February, with Guizer Jarl Ralph Tulloch representing Harald Maddadsson.

The galley named St Braner this year, was on display throughout the day at the Bressay Ferry Terminal. The Bill was also on display near the galley. The Bill Head was painted by the Jarl's sister Beatrice Tulloch.

The Jarl's Squad weapon was unusually a Halberd - a two-handed pole weapon that combines a spear and axe.

After mustering at the hall car park near the shop around 10:15am, the Jarl's Squad visited the Bressay Hall where the Bressay School bairns, parents and others welcomed the Jarl and his squad. The Jarl's Squad comprised 18 members, including 5 bairns and 2 princesses. During the rest of the day the Jarls squad visited Bressay residents.

I did not witness the burning as we headed off to Cullivoe Up Helly Aa for the afternoon & evening burning there - Cullivoe pics to follow.

Jarl's Squad - Jarl Ralph Tulloch centre (with larger shield).

Bill Head painted by the Jarl's sister Beartrice Tulloch.

Jarl's Squad Musicians at the Bressay Hall.

 Jarl's Squad Shield and Halberd Head.

Bressay have a specially built galley that dates back to 1962 and is kept each year and not burnt. Instead an old boat donated to the Committee from year to year by different well-wishers is burnt. This years Galley was named St Braner. Galley 'St Branner' at thebressay Ferry Car Park.

The 'burning galley' on the banks of the Voe of Leiraness near the houses at Voeside. The galley shields were painted by the Bressay School bairns.

Galley shields port side, bow to stern - 12 shields.

Galley shields starboard side, bow to stern -11 shields.

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