Monday, January 24, 2011

Non-Up Helly Aa Galleys - (those not burnt)

There are a few models/replicas of UHA Galleys around - here's pics of some of them.

Model Galley on Strand Loch, Tingwall.

Galley Plant Pot Holder, Ronald Street, Lerwick.

Model Galley, Toll Clock Shopping Centre.

Grantfield Galley 24 January 2011 - see it quickly - it wont be around for long.

There' also the non-burnt display Galleys' at the LUHA Shed.
The senior LUHA display Galley.
The Junior LUHA display Galley.

and the non-burnt Galley's at Norwick, Uyeasound & Bressay. There is also a model Galley above the Isleburgh ticket office.

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