Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Scalloway Fire Festival - Video

A few video clips of the 2011 Scalloway Fire Festival. They are all available as HD if your connection can download them fast enough.

Galley 'Rammestein' being taken out the Galley Shed in the early morning.

Galley being taken from Galley Shed to Scalloway Boating Club.

Guizer Jarl Neil Ward & his squad entering the NAFC Marine Center.

Jarl's Squad singing Up Helly Aa / Galley Song at NAFC Marine Centre

Galley and Jarls Squad leaving NAFC for Scalloway Waterfront.

Jarl's Squad joining Galley at Scalloway Waterfront.

Short clip of Jarls Squad with Galley on Scalloway Waterfront.

Jarls Squad with Galley Marching Up the Ranks just before light-up.

Light-up just before procession moves off.

Procession moves off.

Procession along Main Street.

Guizers singing at Burning Site alongside Scalloway Boating Club.

Throwing Torches into Galley #1.

Throwing Torches into Galley #2.

Launching Burning Galley into Scalloway Harbour.

Burning Galley #1.

Burning Galley #2.

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