Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Uyeasound Up Helly Aa

Photos from the afternoon & evening activities...

The 'burning' galley - an excellent copy of the non-burning galley - and a scummelled paint job also.

The 'non-burning' galley at the Uyeasound Hall - named Fjell Hammer this year.

The 2012 Bill in the Uyeasound Hall.

This pic should be big enough to read it (open the link in a new browser window).

Bill head - painted by Alana Johnson.

Jarl Tommy Strachan (right).

'Smirk' trying to disguise himself.

Guizers mustering in the galley shed before the light-up. As usual there were some truly excellent guizer costumes - this brilliant dragon among them.

Procession moves off in the rain.

Throwing torches.

Guizer Jarl Tommy Strachan.

Trying to dry a wet bum at the burning ! - although it rained quite a lot during the procession (which was shortened as a result), it was an excellent burning event.


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