Friday, April 01, 2011

2011 Delting Up Helly Aa - Evening Pics

The Jarl's Squad mustered at the Northern Lights Function Room at 6pm. Guizers began mustering at the Brae Hall at the same time. At 6:45pm, accompanied by the Brass Band, the Jarl's Squad marched to the Brae Hall, shortly followed by the light-up at 7pm. The procession and galley then marched through Brae to the Delting Boating Club for the burning of the galley. Although there was some wind from the west it was a good evening for the procession. Several of the torch heads burned through however, leaving a trail along the road to the boating club.

Following the burning the 28 Squads comprising some 400 guizers, dispersed to the 6 Halls open for the evening - Mossbank Hall, Delting Boating Club, The Northen Lights Function Room, Brae, Hall, Vidlin Hall and Voe Hall. The Squads were: 1. Jarl's Squad, 2. Street Dance Country Style, 3. Da Roddyman's Reel, 4. Chile Con Carnage, 5. On Our way to Africa, 6. Fir Heavin's Sake Tak Me Oot, 7. Jarl in a Reasonably Priced Car, 8. MRWPS+S, 9. No MCA, 10. Louis Spence's Jazzy Thighs, 11. Wacko Jacko, Yun's It, 12. The Show Must Go On, 13. Pirate of Busta Voe, 14. Pit a Ring on It, 15. Gleekit Crood, 16. Total In Tender Selection, 17. Lights, Camera, Pierheads 18. Wii Vikings, 19. Run A v W, 20. Saving Islands Cash, 21. Thriller In Manilla , 22. Gumboot Gals, 23. Wedersty All Stars, 24. Cheryl's Comic(ole) Relief, 25. Supergran, 26. Big Fish, Little Fish, 27. Could It Be Magic, 28. It's Snow 2 Hot. 

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